The Wonder of the Inland Waterway

The inland waterway

There is no greater resource for fresh water boating enthusiasts anywhere in the world than northern Michigan’s Inland Waterway. With 47 miles of navigable lakes and rivers, the Inland Waterway is a truly wonderous boating opportunity for visitors from around the globe. (more…)

Along the Straits of Mackinac

Macknaw Bridge

The Straits of Mackinac is the most dramatic and captivating body of water in all the Great Lakes. Its history is legend. The Mighty Mac Bridge, the sights in Mackinaw City, ferries to magical Mackinac Island, the amazing and wild Bois Blanc Island, Historic Rte. 23, the incredible port of Cheboygan… this is the Great Up North! (more…)

Find Your Way Around


With so much to see and do in The Great Up North, it’s good to have a few maps handy on your dashboard or on your smart phone. There’s lots of good stuff at our local chambers and visitor bureaus and here’s some links to get you started.  (more…)

Famous Inland Lakes

Famous Inland lakes

Throughout Michigan people recognize Cheboygan County for its remarkable inland lakes. Our lakes are famous destinations for boating enthusiasts and for anglers far and wide. The Great Up North contains more inland freshwater than anywhere in the state! (more…)

Incredible Trail System

Incredible Trail System

The Great Up North is recognized by experts as one of the premiere trails destinations in the United States. Whether it’s biking, hiking, horseback riding, off-roading, you name it… our over 450 miles of remarkable trails are ready for you! Come to Cheboygan County and see for yourself! (more…)

History and Mystery

History and Mystery

Upper Great Lakes Native American, Colonial, and Gilded Age history and mystery abounds in the Great Up North. The depths and secrets of the shipwrecks and lighthouses of the Straits of Mackinac are part of our lore and our culture. Hundred year old orchards… (more…)

Arts and Entertainment

Cheboygan Opera House

The Cheboygan Opera House is the crown jewel of Cheboygan County arts, a restored Victorian theater built in 1877. But many other places and communities provide wonderful arts and entertainment opportunities for visitors and residents all year round. You’ll find local theatre groups and wonderful live outdoor music venues. (more…)

Fishing and Hunting

The Great Outdoors

Looking for fishing on magnificent lakes, hunting paradise in peaceful woods and along pristine rivers and streams? Hankering for the best inland lakes in Michigan? Then come to the Great Up North. You’ll discover a land rich in big and small game alike. This is a place of Northern Michigan sportsman’s dreams. The Great Up North welcomes you to share it with us!   (more…)



In the Great Up North, we take the conservation and preservation of our natural resources very seriously. We have active watershed preservation groups collaborating to ensure the pristine nature of this place and Sturgeon for Tomorrow working to save this prehistoric fish for future generations. (more…)

Winter in the Great Up North

Year round destination

When the snow comes in November and December, the people of the Great Up North don’t go into hibernation, we celebrate! We snowmobile, we cross country ski, we dogsled, we make snowmen, we downhill ski, we walk along quiet trails in magical white and green forests. Come and enjoy northern Michigan in the Great Up North! (more…)

Events & Festivals

Outhouse Races

There’s always something special going on in the Great Up North during all four beautiful seasons. Summerfest in Indian River… Waterways Festival in Cheboygan… the Waterways Ice Festival on Mullett Lake… Mackinaw City’s Winterfest, Wolverine’s Lumberjack Festival… and many many more. Join us! (more…)